About Us

Marbi-Agrics  is not for profit social enterprise organization that was formed in the year 2018 as a community based organisaton with a mission to empower small holder farmers with tools and financing they need to grow their way out of hunger and poverty.


Marbi is exploring and developing several innovative business initiatives, such as the introduction of crop and life insurance together with a leading international insurance company and the use of mobile money in the credit repayment process. With these initiatives Marbi wll further increase food and income security for smallholder farmers and be able to grow towards 10,000 clients by the year 2021.
Marbi Investment’s market bundle provides a whole solution to poverty, for farmers starting from nothing. We open opportunity to an entirely new class of subsistence farmer that has been left behind.

How We Help Farmers

Eradicating Hunger

Marbi-Agrics is concentrated on subsistence farmers in western Kenya. We provide a complete, functioning market system – making it possible for even the poorest and most rural farmer to generate more income, and permanently solve their own hunger problem.

Empowering Local Groups

We find existing self-help groups mostly made of women farmers. Bringing farmers together makes it possible for them to economically interact with markets.

Farm Education

We take the latest practices from top academic agronomists, and translate that into simple, easy-to-understand lessons.


Our planting materials are a significant improvement on old food kernels currently used for seed – commercial seed is professionally graded, stored, and selected. Our fertilizer provides badly-needed nutrients to soil that has been stripped bare over decades of poor management.

Connection With Harvest Markets

We act as a bulk-selling agent, allowing our members to access much higher prices. This cash creates a savings-and-investment cycle that leads to self-driven, permanent growth out of hunger.

Crop insurance

It is estimated that only 0.3% of Africa’s poor are insured in any way. Marbi Agrics has pioneered a crop insurance product that pays farmers in the event of a significant drought or disease.

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