Since our founding we have expanded to serve over 4,000 families in 3 Counties in Kenya.

Marbi-Agrics is a non-profit organization based in Kenya, East Africa which is building a sustainable business by providing smallholder farmers access to farm inputs, capital, innovation, knowledge and markets. Marbi grew from a small pilot project serving 1000 subsistence farmers in Western Kenya with maize and fertilizer, to a business serving over 4000 farmers in Kenya with a wide range of agricultural inputs and services on credit.

Who We Are

Marbi-Agrics is not for profit Social Organization based in Bungoma, Kenya that helps small-scale farmers maximize their profits and grow hunger out of the way.

What We Do

Marbi gives everything a farmer needs: financing, farm inputs, advice, insurance, and market access when possible.

How We Do It

Through small groups headed by field officers collecting data to enable better credit decisions, and automated operations keeping costs low and processes scalable.

Marbi Yields

Marbi Yields

Marbi Yields

About Marbi-Agrics

Marbi is exploring and developing several innovative business initiatives, such as the introduction of crop and life insurance together with a leading international insurance company and the use of mobile money in the credit repayment process. With these initiatives Marbi wll further increase food and income security for smallholder farmers and be able to grow towards 10,000 clients by the year 2021.


We think that food aid is at best a temporary solution, and instead have put together a permanent, proven package for farmers and their families, which doubles farm income by providing quality seeds and fertilizer, weekly farm education, and market access. This package is the core of our program.

Some of Our Previous Works In Pictures


We are working to transform farmers lives in Kenya as the following pictures in the Gallery Section show on our Previous community based programs with the Farmers.

Am a group leader of Furaha
group under leadership of Field
officer Zebedayo. I Thank marbi
very much for giving us quality
seeds and fertiliser.when i look at
my farm it gives me joy.May the
Almighty God bless Marbi as you
continue to serve us in the next years to come.